Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The concept of making money online is not new.There are a hand full of people who know how to make money online working from home.If you learn this art ,you can make more than 5000$ per month working from home online.
There are many internet gurus on web who are earning even millions of dollars per year working online.
How to get start making money?
1)Start a Blog
2)Become an affiliate
3)Start an online forum
4)Online data entry,Marketing
5)Sell your products online (e-commerce)
6)Participate in other legal online earning programmes ,never participate in any illegal one.
If you perform a basic search on google,you will find many ways to earn money online.we will discuss some exellent ways here:-
1) Google Adsense .(This is the web's most popular programme to generate revenue, but you will have to learn searching engine optimization before joining it.Never try to cheat google,otherwise it will cancel your account immediately.)
2)Affiliate marketing.(This involves promoting a specific product or service,you will earn commission whenever your referred customer makes some purchase.)
I have 10 years experience of working as an internet marketer.I will list different legal and authentic online companies which will pay you for your services.I will teach you step by step ,how to work for them.
Never join any programme ,which demands money from you like upgrade fees etc.
It seems to be inappropriate to pay someone for doing work.
More updates soon.